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Spain faces the worst weekend since the pandemic began: 84,000 infections


The Ministry of Health has notified the update of the data of the CCAA, in 84,287 new cases and 455 deaths from Covid-19 have been registered over the weekend. The cumulative incidence continues to increase, reaching 689 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days.

The autonomous communities increase restrictions to try to curb the worrisome figures of the last days. The Madrid's community has advanced the curfew at 23.00 and the time of closing of the hotel business at 22.00 hours, Castilla-La Mancha, meanwhile, has announced that it will advance the curfew at 10 pm.

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has asked the CC.AA this Monday that before requesting the extension of the state of alarm to allow new measures against the coronavirus such as home confinement or the advance of the curfew at 20.00 in Castilla y León deploy "all the effect" of those already contemplated in the decree in force until May 9.

Fernando Simón, for his part, has indicated that "Any measure to try to control any transmission will have some effect" but has indicated that there is "other alternatives". "We have the option to control the transmission beyond the advance of the curfew," he says. "The measure that has had the greatest impact on the control of transmission in Spain has been the closure of the interiors of the bars. Increasing the curfew achieves a similar effect. "

"We are, if not in it, very close to reaching the peak. But it will depend on how we behave these days", Simón has assured, referring to the peak of the third wave of the covid. He has also alluded to the new Brazilian strain, noting that it is not necessary to block flights from the Latin American country, "There is not a high risk of the massive entry of the strain, but it does not mean that it cannot enter."

The number of infections continue to increase and the Government assures that Around 80% of infections at Christmas have occurred in the family environment.


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