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A youtuber accidentally got rich off Bitcoin



The artist and youtuber Ali Spagnola, owner of a channel with 327 thousand subscribers, told on social networks how she “accidentally got rich with bitcoin” with a donation made in 2013.

It all started when the artist visited an old website where she used to post her paintings and, to her surprise, remembered that she had a bitcoin address for donations.

"So I looked at my mailbox and discovered that a gentleman convinced me that bitcoin was a great thing and donated $ 50 to me in 2013."

"I would like to pay you $ 50 (in bitcoins) for your interpretation of bitcoin, a new virtual currency that makes it very easy to send / receive money over the Internet."

The free paintings project developed by Ali was to create and send paintings for free to people, without even charging the shipping fee. Even with the tip, many users send donations to keep the project going, and in one of these, the youtuber received $ 50 in bitcoin, which today is worth around $ 9 thousand.

In the exchange of emails published by the artist, she was still reluctant to create a bitcoin wallet to receive the coins, as she would be too busy at the moment to learn about it. But the user insisted and ended up accepting that the donation be made in bitcoin, not in dollars. Ali certainly didn't regret it.

Bitcoin painting by Ali. Source: Ali Spagnola.

After that, the artist approached the donor bitcoiner and went to Las Vegas to personally deliver a larger version of the original portrait. As a thank you, the youtuber decided to donate $ 50 for random comments on her video.


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