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Technical analysis office: Airbus, Solaria, CIE Automotive, Iberdrola, Acciona, Acerinox, Grupo San José and Naturgy



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Acciona, Airbus, Acerinox, CIE Automotive, Naturgy, Solaria, Iberdrola and Grupo San José.

Technical analysis

Good morning, José María. Thank you very much in advance for all the doubts that you answer us on a daily basis. I would like you to analyze us Acciona, after the last increases. And on the other hand, I would ask you if Airbus is improving its technical aspect or is everything part of a simple rebound, for now. Greetings from Navarra. C.SA.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Actuate It is a value that we have recently analyzed on several occasions and without a doubt it is one of the best values ​​at the present time. It is a clearly bullish title within an Ibex that continues to be bearish and that except for specific exceptions such as the case in question is of no interest. That said, we have the title leaving behind the resistance it presents in the highs of 2020 (124) and specific corrections aside, it can be said that this already has a clear path to the all-time highs that it marked in 2007 at 154 euros. Also note the flawlessness of the bullish guideline on which the price continues to rely since 2012, with three flawless manual and book support. It is a clear keep.

Acciona weekly chart

As to Airbus, is slowly recovering as it can not be otherwise. The breakout of resistance that marked the June highs is now acting as support. So far good. But it remains to be seen if it will be able to close the imposing weekly bear gap that it left us in March 2020 at 99.50 euros. A hole that many of the great European stocks have already closed, the majority I would dare to say. Closing it, or what is the same canceling it, would undoubtedly be an important signal of strength in the underlying. Thanks to you, greetings.

Airbus weekly chart

Goodnight. I am invested with a short-term vision in: Acerinox, bought at 9,124 euros, CIE Automotive at 20.70 euros and Naturgy at 19.60 euros. What route do you see for each of them? Thank you very much from Malaga. JM.MM.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Starting by Acerinox I will tell you that it is attacking at the moment the important resistance that it presents in the highs of February 2020. But it is that a little higher it has another resistance of greater depth at the top of the long-term bearish channel. Bearish channel through which the price has been moving with maximum precision since 2015 and which is currently around 10.30 euros. Around that resistance it would be good to reduce the risk, or at least partially. Well, as the resistance theory says, it is sold, not bought.

Acerinox weekly chart

As to CIE Automotive It is a value that is recovering very well, better than the market average, since the March lows a year ago. Also, it is trading comfortably above the bearish guideline, which is where we have the first major support right now. Above, on the resistance side, we have 25 euros (2019 highs) and above the historical maximums at approximately 30 euros. It is a clear keep.

CIE Automotive weekly chart

Finally, regarding Naturgy, at the moment you have not been able to with the downward guideline, the one that joins the successive decreasing maximums since May 2019. I invite you to read here the technical analysis that we carried out this Tuesday on the gas company. Thanks to you, greetings.

Naturgy weekly chart

Good morning, José María. Could you describe how you see the situation on Solaria? It has risen a lot, but it has also corrected strongly in recent times and it has me very confused. Supports? 'Stops'? Proximate and long-term objectives? Thanks in advance. A.PR.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Few stocks are as bullish as Solaria in terms of the medium and long term. But it is that nasa rises through the centuries of centuries without a consolidation of levels, or at least a lateral consolidation. Actually, just look at the long-term weekly chart to realize that there is hardly any value quite as bullish as this one. It just seems to be taking a little and well-deserved break in the form of a throw back to the new support zone, previously resistance, which it presented at the previous all-time highs (24.26). As more immediate resistance, we have the recent all-time highs at € 31.06 and above the top of the potential long-term bull channel that appears to be shaping, now at € 36-37. Thanks to you, greetings.

Solaria weekly chart

Hello good day. Is it a good time to invest in Grupo San José? And at Iberdrola? I.HR.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Of San José Group We have always said that it was a hold / buy as long as we were clear that the support of 2.70 euros could not be pierced (the March lows). Now we have him attacking the resistance he has in the bearish guideline, although he has another, almost more important, at the top of the lateral movement of recent months: the 5.15 euro area. Above this resistance we will have the confirmation of the beginning of a new upward stretch in the value. But in the meantime it remains lateral, within the range of 3.80 euros as support and 5.15-5.20 euros as resistance.

Grupo San José weekly chart

Finally, regarding Iberdrola, it is a clear keep. It is a free rising value and the transfers of the last days do not mean anything. A drop in the vast bullish ocean in the background. By buying Iberdrola we are buying strength, which is what should really matter to us. But to open longs now is to do it in a nobody's zone, and that way we should not enter. Can it be bought? Yes, because it is a bullish value. But we must know that we do it in the nobody's zone, relatively far from the most immediate support (11.40). And those who come invested from far behind, who maintain their positions without any problem. A greeting.

Iberdrola daily chart

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