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The flight of influencers to Andorra, tax evasion or lack of financial education?


Influencers, Youtubers or simply creators of content in networks, this is how many of these young people define themselves, who with their work have gained thousands of followers and collaborations with major brands, such as Philips.

Platforms like YouTube, Instagram or the one so fashionable among the young Twitch, they are the means with which they have managed to jump to fame. This week they have returned to the fore not because of the figures, which are sometimes outrageous, but because of their flight to Andorra to save taxes.

The last to join has been Rubén Doblas Gundersen, the name may not sound like much but if we say The Rubius, it is more likely that you have heard your more beardless relatives talk about it. He leaves with his girlfriend to be "close to his friends, because he already needed a change", as the Spanish youtuber claimed, earns about 4.3 million annually.

Joins the list they are already on sTaXx, Willyrex, Vegetta777, The Grefg or Patri Jordan, although our Andorran neighbors are not considered a tax haven by the European Union.

"I have spent the ten years of my career as a youtuber paying here," argues the Youtuber, who has already attacked the Treasury for months, "It touches my balls. If you're going to be like this with me, then maybe I'm going, you know? ". The youtuber argues his departure from the country with that, "The Treasury has had me in their sights since day one. They have always been trying to screw me, man. I have done well. I have done everything legal. Even so, for being the The only fool who has stayed in Spain they whore me, you know? "

And the main change is due to taxation in Spain, which can reach a 52%, compared to that of Andorran lands, where its maximum would be 10%. From the Twitch platform itself, Ibai Llanos, came out arguing why he did stay in Spain, and with his taxes support the welfare state.

"It is normal that they take a lot of money from the rich, and more than they should," says the well-known eSports caster. "I live like a fucking mother, I don't care if they take half of me because I still live to spare ". Ibai's argument, which defended that he came from a humble family and that was why he gave so much importance to taxes, has been used by different political personalities, such as Gabriel Rufián.

Another colleague Alexelcapo went further and argued that "if you are in the position that leaving is profitable, you have plenty to live on," he argued. "They had to operate on my uncle many times and that did not ruin my family. Maybe I will have to use those services in the future, or maybe not, but someone else does. […] You really know, colleagues, that we earn much more than necessary, and olé, good for us. Maybe it's time to be responsible to the rest ".


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