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Extremadura changes the protocol to vaccinate senior officials with health workers



Extremadura has decided modify health protocols to equalize senior officials in the process that work in the management of the pandemic with the first-line health personnel, according to Cope. All this in the middle of controversy over the vaccination of high-ranking political officials who have skipped protocols to receive a dose before other risk groups.

The vaccination protocol of the Extremadura Health Service (SES) has introduced a modification whereby eliminates the concept "depending on the risk of exposure" to the virus of health personnel and also vaccinate the directive and managerial staff of Public Health that "works in the management of the pandemic."

The General Directorate of Public Health drew up this protocol at the end of December, days before Christmas and the start of the vaccination campaign in the region. It is not until mid-January that such modification has arrived, Taking advantage of the extension sent by the Ministry of Health and in full controversy over the cases that are coming to light from political positions that skip the established vaccination order.

This plan prioritizes the groups that must receive their dose of the vaccine during the first phases of the campaign. This includes professionals from "covid units, consultations and circuits, urgent medical transport, personnel who care for high-risk patients (oncology, hematology, etc.) or vaccination teams and people who can help provide these vaccines", among other groups.

The original plan also prioritizes, within the first-line health personnel, the vaccination of "Public Health personnel in the direct management of the pandemic and according to their risk of exposure."

The Extremadura Health Service has expanded the original 72-page protocol in recent days. There are currently 88 documents that include the extension sent by the Ministry of Health and the modification of some sections.

The new document eliminates the concept of "depending on the risks of exposure to the virus" of health personnel, thus opening the possibility of vaccination of executive personnel and managers of the different departments equating them to professionals in ICUs, health transport or those who care for coronavirus patients directly.

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