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Important factors that will contribute to the success of Cardano (ADA) in Africa



Cardano (ADA), the emerging smart contracts platform, has made the first major breakthrough in Africa as planned, through recent partnerships with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education and World Mobile.

In connection with the progress mentioned above, a South African citizen, resident in Tanzania, identified by the username u / IndigoArete on Reddit, has highlighted a number of factors that would help the success of Cardano (ADA) and the software company Input Output Global (IOG) in Africa.

According to the user on the Cardano subreddit, the blockchain project has enormous potential in Africa for many reasons. The user believes that Cardano could take advantage of the fact that many people outside of East Africa are not well informed about the popularity of mobile payment systems and their benefits.

The user also recognized the importance of the partnership between Cardano (ADA) and World Mobile, which is targeting a region of Tanzania. He said that this partnership will be of great help because Tanzania is one of the world leaders in the adoption of mobile percentage payments.

Also, few people in the country currently use the traditional banking system because it is too expensive for the middle class citizens, except for the wealthy people of the country.

Furthermore, the user claimed that the average age in Africa as a whole is 18, while some countries in Africa have 15 as their average age, as the population on the continent increases. And young people are generally believed to be more open-minded to innovation.

In conclusion, the user referred to the newly created African Continental Free Trade Zone as an exciting development that will give enough space for Cardano to manifest at will. The African Continental Free Trade Area is founded to create a single continental market for goods and services, with free movement of entrepreneurs and investments.

So due to the reasons mentioned above, the user believes that Africa will continue to develop rapidly as a core power in the world of fintech. And this serves as a justification for IOG's keen interest in creating real-world applications, so that Cardano can be part of the continued progress in Africa.


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