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"About 900 companies interested in working with Cardano are in the process"



As one report says, Cardano has continued to gain the interest of companies around the world, including Fortune 500 companies, who are ready to build with the emerging smart contracts platform.

During the recent fireside chat session, Eva and Frederik Gregaard from the Cardano Foundation shared some challenges and their plan to overcome them. During the chat session, Gregaard emphasized Cardano's relationship with Fortune 500 companies and the interest of companies around the world in Cardano's new technology.

Cardano (ADA) is working with Fortune 500 companies

From Reddit, according to a short YouTube video shared by the Cardano Foundation, a user identified as u / Adamlink1 asked:

"Are you currently working on any deals with Fortune 500 companies?"

In response to the question, Gregaard noted that Cardano is in fact working with Fortune 500 companies. He said that some 900 companies are already in contact with the foundation with an interest in continuing to build.

Gregaard also revealed that the foundation is working to educate large companies and governments that have access to millions and billions of people, in order to prepare and feel comfortable to take advantage of a completely different technology.

Frederik Gregaard noted:

“The real blockchain is a totally different architecture. The largest workgroup we have is education. It is not just education in terms of universities and students, but the education of big companies and big governments that are reaching millions and billions of people, making sure they feel comfortable working with such a different architectural landscape. like Cardano.

We believe and believe that it is ready for the company and the agreement in Ethiopia is demonstrating that and also all the research that we have done on the academic side. You know, seeing, believing and doing is something different.

Yes, we are working with Fortune 500 companies… We have a portfolio of around 900 companies that are basically in contact with us and said they want to start building with us. ".


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