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Technical analysis office: Telefónica, Iberdrola, Audax, Airtificial, Alibaba, Apple, bitcoin …



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Castor Maritime, Alibaba, Apple, bitcoin, Airtificial Intelligence, Audax Renovables, Telefónica and Iberdrola.

Technical analysis

Good Morning. I recently bought shares in the Nasdaq company Castor Maritime. I bought them after a fall and it has continued to fall. How do you see the company in the short, medium and long term? Thanks in advance. Greetings. J.R.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Castor Maritime It is a very bearish value despite the rebounds that we sometimes have against the trend (reaction phases). As long as the price continues to build decreasing highs and lows, we will not have the slightest sign of strength, not to mention the bearish gap that it left at the beginning of April at $ 0.74 and that will not be easy to close. . Let's say that there is nothing that invites me to bet on this value at the current moment. It is not a value that a server would have in its portfolio. Thanks to you, greetings.

Castor Maritime daily chart

Good morning, I would appreciate an analysis from Alibaba and another from Apple. Thank you. O.J.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Alibaba It is a bullish value in terms of the medium and long term, but in the short term we have it in the corrective phase. It has recently drilled short-term supports and we discard that it may head lower towards the support zone of approximately $ 170-171: the 2020 lows. If I were to try at this value, I would feel much more comfortable from somewhat lower levels. . But in no case are we talking about a bearish value in terms of the medium and long term.

Alibaba weekly chart

Manzana He's been flirting lately with the daily MM200, although don't be alarmed if he pierces it because we know that this average, which in my opinion is just a guide, fails a lot. It makes a lot of noise, it is not foolproof. Let's say that we have the value within a wide side since last summer, but within a clear uptrend in the background, which is what we should really care about. However, it presents an important support in the March lows (116.21) that it would be good not to be pierced. If they do, curves may come and I would not rule out even a fall towards the important support it has in the bullish gap in early August at $ 96.19. Thanks to you, greetings.

Apple daily chart

Good morning, José María. I have a bitcoin bought close to 23,000 dollars, when last year it exceeded the famous 20,000. I'm not in a hurry to sell, but the scare I have gotten into my body after the last hit. Are you still bullish on crypto? Would you place a profit 'stop' at some level? Thank you. All the best. D.RH.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Invest in bitcoin is not easy. Volatility is extreme for the good and for the bad. And that right now we have him in an upward cycle. When bitcoin winter comes (bearish cycle) it will be very very hard. But today and despite the falls in recent months, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the underlying uptrend. I invite you to read here Thursday's analysis of what appears to be a market capitulation. The strong falls, the fear, the high volume … everything points in this direction. So, yes, to this day I am still bullish on bitcoin as long as the price doesn't tell me otherwise. Thanks to you, greetings.

Daily chart of the future of bitcoin

Good Morning. Would an Airtificial Intelligence analysis be possible in the medium term, please? Thanks. M.LS.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Airtificial It is not a value that you like. I am not a friend of these types of securities and by that I mean the price at which they are traded. The price already says it almost everything. What does not take away so that in the short term it can be shaping a symmetric triangle of trend continuity, that is, bullish. As the most important support at this time we have 0.1070-0.1080 euros, the minimum of this year. The normal thing is that it tries to break up the triangle and experiences a significant bullish section, but the confirmation of the movement is to be able to close above the resistance of 0.1370 euros (April highs). But, I insist, it is not a value that it would have in its portfolio because it is not bullish in terms of the medium and long term. It is not a strong value. All the best.

Airtificial Intelligence daily chart

Good morning, Mr. José María, would you be so kind as to analyze Audax Renovables? Thanks for all your help to small investors. Greetings. C.MY.

Dear reader, good afternoon. The graph of Audax Renewables speaks for itself. The control zones below and above are clear. Very clear. That is, if I had to enter the value, I would try at the closest possible levels to the support of 1.20 euros, or if at some point I was able to jump above the bearish guideline that joins each and every one of the successive decreasing maximums since the beginning of 2018 and which is currently in the area of ​​2.45 euros. Meanwhile and as long as the price does not leave the mentioned price range, we will have nothing. Just an erratic lateral movement that is gradually narrowing. Thanks to you, greetings.

Audax Renovables weekly chart

Good Morning. I would like to ask you about the shares of Telefónica and Iberdrola. Where do you think it can be interesting to enter with a long-term horizon? Thanks greetings. JA.F.

Dear investor, good afternoon. From Telephone I've been repeating the same 'speech'Months and months. Can it keep bouncing? Yes. Is it bullish in the medium and long term? No. I want to think that this time he will try to attack the resistance he presents in the weekly bearish gap of March 2020, which is choking him in what way. And above and of greater relevance has the long-term bearish guideline, now at approx. 5.40 euros. Or what is the same, to be able to speak of a long-term change in trend we have to demand that at least it leave behind the main bearish guideline. Something that right now is still a long way off.

Telefónica weekly chart

Iberdrola It is one of the most bullish values ​​in our market. Several weeks ago we said that the time to try to rise was right in the area of ​​ten euros, where it passed the bullish guideline. The only problem is that in the short term we have him in a nobody's zone, but within an impeccable long-term uptrend, which is what we should really care about. Right now it only has as resistance the historical highs (12.40). Above it would be placed in absolute free rise. It is a clear portfolio hold, no doubt. Thanks to you, greetings.

Iberdrola weekly chart

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