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Atresmedia and Mediaset seek to continue gaining positions immediately



Both values ​​are shaping technical figures for trend continuation, which makes us have them in our sights for a possible position taking in the next few days.

Technical analysis

We should not lose sight of the technical evolution of Atresmedia Since after managing to overcome the resistance of 3.90 euros, it has been moving in a lateral band which undoubtedly makes us think of the appearance of a signal of strength that makes us think of an extension of the gains. The good levels of accumulation added to the rising lows that we are seeing in recent weeks make us think of a continuation of the main uptrend. A close above the annual highs drawn at the beginning of this month at 4.25 euros would be the signal that would make us think about an extension of the gains to the level of 5 euros. It is certainly a value that we will not lose sight of in the coming days. We will not appreciate even the slightest sign of weakness as long as it remains trading above 3.77 euros.

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Mediaset continues to show signs of strength. The stock has reacted very well to the momentum between April 22 and April 5. In this period, the company appreciated around 30% and in recent weeks we have been able to observe how it has corrected 50% of this momentum and is trading very close to the key resistance of 5.81 euros. The most normal thing is that we end up seeing the surpassing of this price level, which would make us think of an extension of the profits to the level of 6.50 euros. We will not observe even the slightest sign of weakness as long as it remains trading above 5.21 euros, the lowest of the last correction.



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