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Renting costs 6% less than a year ago, but Madrid is still the most expensive area



The price of rental housing has registered the largest drop since 2013, after falling by 6% in one year and standing at 10.7 euros per square meter in May, according to the latest price report published by the real estate portal idealistic.

In addition, the price has fallen 1.2% in the last quarter and 0.5% in the last 30 days. By region, the average price of rental housing has decreased in 6 autonomous regions in the last year (from May 2020 to May 2021).

Thus, the decreases registered in the Balearic Islands (-15.6%), Catalonia (-12.4%) and Madrid (-10.7%) stand out. They are followed by the Canary Islands (-3.3%), the Valencian Community (-3%) and Andalusia (-0.3%).

On the contrary, price increases were registered in La Rioja (+ 5.9%), Cantabria (+ 5.6%), Castilla-La Mancha (+ 5.1%), Galicia (+ 5%), Extremadura ( + 4%), Navarra (+ 3.9%), Murcia, Aragón and Asturias (+ 3.4% in the three communities), Castilla y León (+ 2.5%) and the Basque Country (+ 1.2% ).

Taking into account the price, Madrid (13.7 euros per square meter) is the most expensive community, followed by Catalonia (13.3 euros). They are followed by the Basque Country (12.2 euros) and the Balearic Islands (11.6 euros). On the opposite side of the table, as the most economical regions, are Extremadura (5.4 euros) and Castilla-La Mancha (5.8 euros).

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