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Technical analysis office: Solaria, Mapfre, Sacyr, Acerinox, Grenergy, Google, NIO and Tesla



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Google, Acerinox, Sacyr, Solaria, Grenergy, NIO, Tesla and Mapfre.

Technical analysis

Good Morning. I'd like to read your review on Alphabet. Specifically, what is its path in the short and medium term? I am a long-term investor and I would like to increase positions, but I don't know exactly at what point to do it. Thanks. R.S.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Alphabet (Google) is a free rising stock like the vast majority of the tech giants. Just look at the bullish guideline linking each and every rising lows since March of last year. We have an acceleration line with four flawless points of support or tangency that is currently around $ 2,170. It is a clear hold in the portfolio, but opening longs now I do not see it. Buying now is arriving too late to the market. If I had to, I would wait for some important correction, since nothing goes up forever and ever without its corresponding phase of adjustment or proportional correction. Another thing is that it came invested from far behind, in which case it is a clear hold in the portfolio without any problem. In addition to the bullish guideline we have another important support in the bullish gap of $ 1,919. All the best.

Google daily chart

Good Morning. I am within Acerinox and Sacyr, with good capital gains. My question is … how long should I hold on? All the best. B.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Acerinox months ago it has risen above the top of a broad lateral-bearish channel. That is, it is possible that a well-deserved break (reaction phase) is taken and the price decides to head towards the support of approx. 10.10-10.20 euros (throw back). But the important thing, in my opinion, is that the stock no longer has significant resistance until the area of ​​all-time highs at 13.60 euros (2006 highs). Let's say that in terms of the medium term it is a clear hold, although in the short term it presents a support in the area of ​​11.50 euros. And as long as you don't pierce this price level there is nothing to worry about.

Acerinox monthly chart

As to Sacyr everything remains a clear keep as well. The last falls do not mean anything, they do not suppose any change within the upward price structure of recent times. The rising lows and highs happen over and over again and thus it does not fall. As the most important support area at this time we have the area of ​​2.05 euros and as resistance the weekly bearish gap at the end of February 2020 at 2.50 euros. All the best.

Sacyr weekly chart

Good morning, José María. Thank you for the analysis of your section of the office. I never miss them. What tour do you see at Solaria and Grenergy? I entered at the beginning of the year in the heat of the highest of all the sector and the punishment is already being excessive. I think. Do you think they can be recovered or do I sell and take losses? All the best. R.OM.

Dear investor, good afternoon. First of all, I invite you to read here the analysis on the renewables sector this weekend. Within the corrective phase of Solaria, which is still intact in the absence of having some kind of return figure, we have support at the annual minimums (14.43) and the first resistance at 18.57 euros (last decreasing maximum). And as the main medium and long-term support area, we have the long-term bullish guideline that unites each and every one of the successive rising lows since June 2016. At the present time, it passes through the area of ​​approx. 14 euros. That is, if we have not seen the lows of the fall, there is little left.

Solaria weekly chart

As to Grenergy, presents support at the lows of May (23.20) and an important resistance in the imposing bearish gap of 33.30 euros (gap of the session of March 18). Only by closing this bearish gap will we begin to look at the value with different eyes. Meanwhile, everything fits into what is a rebound (reaction phase) after a previous crash of 47%. The Stochastic Momentum Oscillator has turned and crossed higher from extreme oversold levels, leaving the door open for gains to continue in the coming weeks. Thanks to you, greetings.

Grenergy weekly chart

Hello good day. I would like you to analyze NIO and Tesla, where I lose 30% and 10%, respectively. Have they stopped being bullish? All the best. G.MR.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Both stocks have fallen sharply from the annual and all-time highs at the beginning of the year, but still clearly bullish in medium and long-term terms. And this is in my opinion what should really matter to us more than anything else. In the case of NIO, known as the 'Chinese Tesla' we can see how in weekly candles the value is rebounding from the important support of the March lows ($ 31.91). Let's say that the support has held in the weekly period and also the weekly stochastic is clearly oversold and turning higher. From which it follows that if you have to jump into the pool in the title it is now, as long as you do not pierce the area of ​​$ 31 in weekly candles. In fact we have there a kind of double support that, who knows, could end up becoming the beginning of a new and important bullish momentum.

NIO weekly chart

As to Tesla we have three-quarters of the same. Only, in addition, the price has not reached at any time to pierce the March lows of $ 539.49. In fact, we recently analyzed the value and said about it that if we had to jump into the pool it had to be now. The typical "now or never" that I usually refer to in many market moments that I consider interesting. Moreover, above the April highs (780.79) we would have a figure back in value. All the best.

Tesla daily chart

Good morning, Mr. Rodríguez. I have Mapfre shares that I bought (at 1.79) when it published results at the end of April. How do you see the value? Do you still like it? Greetings and thanks for all your advice. R.HV.

Dear investor, good afternoon. From Mapfre we have spoken at length on several occasions in recent times. Buying opportunities it has given many in the past and now is the time to keep them in your portfolio. Right now the price structure is attacking an intermediate resistance zone, at 1.90 euros. But once this has been overcome, it can be said that it no longer has significant resistance until the downward gap at the end of February 2020 at 2.08 euros. That's where we have the next big hardiness zone. Many thanks to you, greetings.

Mapfre weekly chart

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