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Expert Who Predicted Bitcoin Success In 2013 Says Ethereum Will Hit $ 10,000 This Year



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Ethereum bulls have shown promising signs this year, and the community continues to anticipate new price levels with each coming month. Price predictions from analysts are as bullish as ever and long-term investors like Davinci Jeremie are calling for $ 10,000 as the final price for the asset before the end of the year.

Prominent Investor Says ETH Hitting $ 10k Is Possible This Year

Jeremie, who is also a Bitcoiner, had previously urged the community in 2013 to buy as little as $ 1, a risk that seemed to pay off for him and other Bitcoiners who followed his advice.

“I hope each of you buys $ 1 worth of bitcoins. Just a damn dollar. Because you'll thank me for only $ 1, ”Jeremie said in a YouTube video posted in 2013.

Now, Bitcoiner has turned to Twitter to flex your analytical skills on where you think the price of the second most valued cryptocurrency is headed.

"No matter what happens in the short term, Ethereum will hit $ 10,000 and up this year!" the investor wrote.

How fast can ether recover?

Ethereum is trading at $ 2,695 at the time of this report after racking up daily gains above 5%. Ether makes the list one of the cryptocurrencies that quickly corrected losses after the two-week bloodbath.

After hitting a low of $ 1,737 on May 23, ETH quickly rallied above the $ 2,000 level. Retesting its all-time high of $ 4,362 may take a while for Ethereum bulls, but at its current pace, there is room for the asset to cross that price mark even faster.

Jeremie insists on holding BTC and ETH is key

As adoption of the Ethereum network increases, market participants are waiting to see if the asset supersedes Bitcoin as many have predicted in the past.

But Jeremie, like some other market players, insists that owning Bitcoin and Ether is an asset to every investor's portfolio, as both assets have a network that is sure to be successful and transform into a widely adopted platform in the market global.

His tweet from a while ago he says:

"I know that bitcoin will be transactional money one day." He said. Adding that “I also know that ethereum will be the web and / or will replace complex financial and brokerage institutions like insurance and derivatives. I think you should have both! "


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