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Solaria, at the gates of the main bullish guideline



We already have Solaria's securities at the gates of the potential support zone conferred by the acceleration line, in this case an upward guideline, which joins each and every one of the successive rising lows since mid-2016.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

It is often said that in the Stock Market think about the unthinkable and you will be right. And this is what we said at the end of January when we left the door open to the price look for the long-term bullish guideline. And that is where we have the title at the moment, at the gates of the bullish guideline that joins the successive rising lows since mid-2016. In other words, five years leaning with maximum precision on this acceleration line. Let's say this guideline go through the area of ​​13.50-14 euros, or what is the same, maybe at some point in that price range between money in the market to support the value. We will see it little by little. Or in other words, if there is to jump into the pool in this title it should be right in that area, in the guideline.

Above, on the side of resistance, the most immediate is found in the last decreasing maximum (16.76) and since the correction began, the succession of decreasing maximums and minimums is impeccable, from the book.

Solaria weekly chart

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