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Technical analysis office: IAG, Santander, Gamesa, Deoleo, Soltec, Nikkei, bitcoin …



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Deoleo, Libertas 7, Soltec, Santander, bitcoin, Siemens Gamesa, IAG and the Nikkei 225.

Technical analysis

Good morning, I am interested in knowing how Deoleo, Libertas 7 and Soltec can evolve on the stock market. If you can do an analysis of these values, it could help me. Thank you very much for your work. I.RI.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Deoleo at the end of February it passed the resistance zone of 0.315-0.3340 euros. There, important resistances converged that are now support. Or what is the same, a fall towards this area would fit perfectly within what is a ‘throw back’. Above, on the resistance side, we have the area of ​​0.50 euros: the highs of 2012, 2013 and 2014. And it has slowed at the gates of said resistance zone recently. Above the next major resistance zone we find it at approx. 1.25 euros. Price levels that right now does not make any sense, if you want, to consider.

Deoleo weekly chart

As to Libertas 7It is a security with little stock market history and above all it is a very, very narrow security. Very little liquid. Hence, it is almost always among those who rise or fall the most. And it is that with very little money it is easy to move prices. Technically, the only remarkable thing is the support it has at 2.50 euros. On the resistance side we have 4.36 euros and the all-time highs at 7.04 euros. And a little more. In short, neither of the two values ​​for which they ask me pleases me. They are not securities that, from the way I see the market, would be part of my portfolio.

Libertas 7 daily historical chart

As to Soltec the correction from the all-time highs at the beginning of the year is 55%. It is not a value that I like, not at all. The decreasing highs and lows happen over and over again and thus it does not rise. The bearish directive potential is currently passing through the resistance zone of approx. 8.50 euros. And as support we have the annual minimums at 6.58 euros and below there is nothing until the historical minimums at five euros. In short, it is not an attractive value today. Many thanks to you, greetings.

Soltec daily chart

Hello. I have 60,000 Santander shares in my portfolio for almost 3 years. The average purchase price without taking into account the dividends received is 5.25 euros. I plan to buy a home in October or November with an investment of approx. of 275,000 euros. I would like to guide me on how to act in this regard. Wait to raise, sell, or other options. F.M.

Dear reader, good afternoon. How will you understand neither I nor anyone else know how it will be Santander in October or November. What I can tell you, which I think is not little, is that since the stock left the bearish guideline behind we are talking about another stock. In the short term we do not rule out that the resistance you have in the weekly bearish gap at the end of February 2020 at 3.59 euros. And above we have the prepandemic and maximum levels of 2020 at 3.76 euros. And above the 2019 highs at 4.27 euros. Let's say that as long as we continue to have rising lows and highs, as we have since September, there is nothing to worry about. The last growing low at this time we have it at 2.74 euros. All the best.

Santander weekly chart

Good morning, José María. I still have my bitcoin bought at $ 22,000 when it broke the previous all-time highs of 20,000. What do you recommend that I do? How far do you think you can go this year? Thank you. Greetings from Pedraza (Segovia).

Dear investor, good afternoon. Last week we analyzed the bitcoin (You can read it here). Within the impeccable long-term upward trend, the control zones at this time are at $ 30,000 as support and if this were to be pierced, I would not rule out even the area of ​​approx. $ 20,000: previously strong resistance and highs from the previous bullish cycle. Above, on the resistance side, we have the area of ​​$ 40,900-41,000 and above $ 50,000. In short, I want to believe that the risk of further heavy falls is limited. Or in other words, that we have already seen 80% of the worst-case fall. Thanks to you, greetings.

Daily historical chart of the future of bitcoin

Good morning, Could you analyze Siemens Gamesa for a possible long entry? Thank you. B.S.

Dear reader, good afternoon. The problem of Siemens Gamesa is that right now it is a good example of what we sometimes say about a value that can fall sharply while remaining bullish. In fact, it hit all-time highs at the beginning of the year like many of the companies in the renewables sector. And now we have him in the reaction phase, or what is the same, adjusting proportionally the important previous rises. Let's not forget that this value was trading at 10.65 euros in March of last year and this January at 39.35 euros. That is said soon. We have the title in a bearish channel in the corrective phase and right now it has important support around the corner (24.67). Any possibility of straightening the course in the very short term depends on not losing it, since building a new decreasing minimum does not build a market floor. Thanks to you, greetings.

Siemens Gamesa weekly chart

Hi there. I would like to know how you see IAG and the Japanese stock market, with the idea of ​​investing in the two 3-5 years ahead. Thank you. All the best. M.SO.

Dear investor, good afternoon. IAG it remains embedded within a symmetric triangle of manual, thus constructing decreasing maximums and increasing minimums. A priori we are facing a pattern of trend continuity, in this case bullish. But the sign of the start of a new bullish momentum is being able to clearly break above the triangle. In which case the most likely is the start of a new section with a target of 2.6160 euros (weekly downward gap in March 2020) and if it manages to close the next resistance levels are at 2.85 euros (minimum 2019) and the weekly bearish gap of 3.2950 euros. The sensations are good, no doubt, but until the price confirms above we will not have anything.

IAG weekly chart

While in the Japanese index, the Nikkei 225, seems to be shaping a small 'flag', of trend continuity (bullish). It is impossible to determine if it will correct towards the 24,000 point support in the coming weeks / months. But if you do, we will be facing a clear buying opportunity, without a doubt. Above, on the resistance side, we have the annual maximums (30,714) and above it there is nothing really important until the historical maximums that it reached in December 1989, at 38,957 points. Thanks to you, greetings.

Nikkei 225 Weekly Chart

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