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Cardano's first smart contract has been successfully executed on Alonzo Testnet



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According to the shared development update on June 11, 2021, the first smart contract in Cardano has been successfully executed on the Alonzo testnet.

As previously reported, the official implementation of the smart contract functionality in Cardano is expected to roll out in September, following the Alonzo hard fork.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y44eMfnlVwY (/ embed)

At the moment, the Cardano developer team is in the Alonzo Blue phase. In this phase, the team's focus is on developing the command line interface (CLI) to write the “Hello World” style of smart contracts.

The development is expected to transition to Alonzo White once partners and pioneers are able to create basic scripts.

According to IOHK's head of delivery and projects, Nigel Hemsley, partners and pioneers must successfully demonstrate that they can ship, validate and execute on chain. There will be an introduction of all Plutus components such as the application backend at this stage.

Altlabs, Eleks, Mlabs, Obsidian, and other partners are currently working on use cases such as a token exchange, equity and liquidity funds, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and an exchange.

The testnet will be released during the “Alonzo Purple” phase when all Plutus pioneer and stakeholder operators will be able to participate.


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