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Technical analysis office: Telefónica, Cellnex, Berkeley, Audax, Gestamp, Hochtief, Apple …



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Amper, Berkeley, Audax Renovables, Telefónica, Cellnex, Hochtief, Gestamp and Apple.

Technical analysis

Good Morning. I would like to know your opinion on two securities that I have in my portfolio and that the truth has me very confused: Amper and Berkeley. Thanks for your work. Greetings. A.SC.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Amper It is a security that is currently in the nobody's zone, halfway between the base (support) and the high part (resistance) of the broad bearish lateral-lateral movement through which the price has been displacing since 2017. At best of the cases it is a lateral title and very far from being bullish. It is not a value that I like and now even less because, as I said, it is right in the middle of the price range of recent years. It is in nobody's zone and as a general rule we should avoid this type of values ​​in which the price does not tell us anything. In addition to not being a bullish title in terms of medium and long term.

Amper weekly chart

As to Berkeley three-quarters of the same. It is also not a bullish value. And we also have him halfway between the support of 0.2820 euros (April lows) and the straight resistance that joins each and every one of the successive decreasing highs since December. Thus, the straight resistance at this time passes through the area of ​​0.45 euros. Only by beating this resistance will we leave the door open for a move towards the 2020 highs at 0.6540 euros. And if I had to enter the value I would try it at the closest possible price levels to the April lows. Thanks to you, greetings.

Berkeley daily chart

Good morning, José María. Do you find Audax and Telefónica interesting at current prices and thinking in the long term? Two-three years in the future … support and resistance. Thank you. A.F.

Dear investor, good afternoon. In view of the weekly chart of Audax Renewables It seems very clear that for this to come out of the side of recent years we need it to jump and confirm above the resistance it presents in the area of ​​approx. 2.45 euros: where it passes the resistance that joins each and every one of the successive decreasing maxima since the beginning of 2018. We have the last decreasing maximum at 2.54 euros, therefore, the clear and definitive signal of the beginning of a new upward stretch is mainly due to beating the January highs. Below, on the side of the supports, the most important of all is found at 1.20 euros.

Audax Renovables weekly chart

Telephone we analyze it this Thursday (You can read it here). We continue to think that the conditions are in place to once and for all close / cancel the weekly bearish gap of March 2020 and above heading to the bearish guideline. But I highly doubt that he would dare with the bearish guideline. Or in other words, to think in the medium and long term at this value, what less than to leave behind the primary bearish guideline that has been acting as resistance for six years. Thanks to you, greetings.

Telefónica weekly chart

Good morning, José María. I would like you to analyze Cellnex, with its more immediate supports and resistances. I have bought them at 41.30 euros. Thank you. Greetings.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Cellnex It is a clear hold in portfolio. Specific corrections aside, the price structure continues to build a minimum and increasing maximum since March and thus there is only one thing to do: continue to rise. Let's say that everything suggests that it is a matter of time, rather than a short time, before the resistance it presents at the historical highs (53.56) is attacked. Thanks to you, greetings.

Cellnex daily chart

Good morning, José María. First of all, thank you for your very accurate analysis. I would like you to analyze the German construction company Hochtief, in which I am thinking of investing. Thank you. M.L.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Hochtief I don't like it today. Since the historical highs of 2017, the title has decreasing highs and lows. Recently it also appears to have pierced the base of a small triangle and that is not exactly a sign of strength. It has an important support at 60.74 euros but with everything and with that I do not see it clear. It is still in the corrective phase since 2017 and we do not have a return figure from the falls. In this sense, I like it much more, for example, ACS with a 'stop loss' below the support of 24 euros. The ACS chart is much clearer, cleaner. And the Hochtief I do not see anything clear the truth. This one does not suggest strength to me anywhere. Thanks to you, greetings.

Hochtief daily chart

Good morning, Mr. Rodríguez. I follow your opinions every day and I would like you to analyze Gestamp, a company in which I currently hold a position. Thank you for your information. JM.L.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Gestamp remains at this time a clear keep. In addition, recently the value has left behind the high part of the side of the last months. Now the area of ​​4.75-4.80 euros should act as support, before resistance. The following control areas are at € 5.75-5.80 (2029 highs). Let's say there is no reason, we don't have the slightest sign of weakness within the current price structure. Keep. Thanks to you, greetings.

Gestamp daily chart

Hi there. On May 11, I bought Apple shares in full correction at 124 dollars, with the intention of holding them until the end of the year, but it seems that this does not move much. It has stopped. What do your graphics tell you? What supports and resistances are the most important at this time? Thanks and greetings from Jaén. P.LV.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Manzana It is a very bullish value in long term terms, it is a value that I have always liked (like LVMH and ASML). And in the short term we have him 'surfing' above the 200-session simple moving average. Let's say that in the short term it presents an important support zone at $ 122-123. If this support were to be pierced, the next one is found at the March lows (116.21). In addition to the imposing bullish gap that it presents in the 96.19 dollars (July 31, 2020). In short, it is a value that has been moving laterally since last summer, but always within a clear upward trend in the background. Above, on the resistance side, we have $ 137.07 (April highs) and the annual and historical highs at $ 145. The value is triangulating (decreasing highs and increasing lows) and as long as the base of this is respected, I like it. Thanks to you, greetings.

Apple daily chart

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