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Technical analysis office: PharmaMar, Telefónica, ACS, Iberdrola, Rovi, Audax, SunPower and Airbus



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes ACS, Iberdrola, Rovi, SunPower, Airbus, Telefónica, PharmaMar and Audax Renovables.

Technical analysis

Good morning, José María. First of all, thank you for your very accurate analysis. I would like you to analyze ACS and Iberdrola. I would like to know your opinion on the two companies. Thank you very much and greetings. M.L.

Dear investor, good afternoon. ACS we analyzed it not long ago and we said of the value that it was playing with fire. The fact is that the drilling of supports is clear and everything indicates that the double floor is activated. So if we believe it, a movement towards the area of ​​approx. 19.50-20 euros (the height of the formation), but as we already know it is a theoretical minimum fall target. The title also has significant horizontal support around 17-17.20 euros: the lows of May and September 2020.

ACS weekly chart

As to IberdrolaLong-term bullish stock where they exist, is approaching the important support of 9.75 euros. There we have an important horizontal support. And if it is pierced, we will not rule out a movement towards the area of ​​approx. 8.80 euros. But unlike the vast majority of securities on our market, this value is still bullish in long-term terms, which is the most important of all. In the short, we will see if the support of 9.75 euros works again or not. Thanks to you, greetings.

Iberdrola weekly chart

Good afternoon. First, I would like to thank you for your analysis, which I accompany a lot, and secondly, I wanted to ask about Rovi, which I have in my portfolio with a very high percentage of profit, but without references to how far it can go. Quite the opposite that happens to me with Sunpower that has me lost without knowing what to do. Thank you very much and greetings. J.RR.

Dear reader, good afternoon. SunPower it is a very very volatile security. In the short term we have him embedded within a bullish trading channel from the May lows. The control zones below and above are not entirely clear. The only thing we can see clearly is that it has significant support at $ 19.75 and strong resistance at $ 35. In addition to the daily bearish gap of the February 18 session at $ 43.72. The problem is that the title is currently trading far from the aforementioned control zones, in a nobody's zone. But yes, what it would not allow under any circumstances is that the value pierces the support of $ 19.75.

SunPower Weekly Chart

As to Rovi, it is a clear keep. The value is still embedded within a bullish channel of manual, book. In the short term, it has support at 52.90 euros (June lows). The piercing of this support would be the first sign of weakness in a long time, a prelude to what may be the beginning of an adjustment provided by the previous important rises. But as long as it is not drilled we will not have the slightest sign of weakness and therefore it will remain a clear hold. Thanks to you, greetings.

Rovi daily chart

Good morning, Mr. José María, and thank you very much for your recommendations, which I have followed for a long time with great interest. I wanted to ask you about Airbus. How do you see the value in the medium and long term? Main supports and resistances. Thanks in advance for your reply! All the best. J.B.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Airbus It is a value that I still like at the present time. I do not rule out that before trying to test the support of 104 euros again, but the trend is still upward as can be deduced from the impeccable rising lows and highs. Above, on the resistance side, we have the annual highs (116.04) and above there is nothing until the weekly bearish gap of approx. 130 euros. And above the all-time highs of almost 140 euros. It is a clear keep at the moment.

Airbus weekly chart

Good morning, I would like you to analyze what technical aspect Telefónica has. If you can indicate support and resistance for the medium and short term. Thank you. F.RM.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Telephone This week it has pierced the support it had at 3.80 euros and the next we find it at 3.47 euros (April lows). Above, on the resistance side, we have 3.98 euros and the annual maximums (4.15). All of the above within a bullish structure in the rebound phase, in turn within a bottom downtrend. In fact, important hardiness zones remain where always: the weekly bearish gap of March 2020 at 4.40 euros and, above all, the main bearish guideline, now at 5-5.10 euros. In other words, even if it rebounded to the guideline, it would still be bearish in long-term terms.

Telefónica weekly chart

At the end of May I read on your page positive recommendations from some broker about PharmaMar and Audax Renovables. I bought it at 75 euros and 2.05 respectively. How do you see it as a technician? What do the José María graphics tell you? Thank you very much and have a good summer. YOU.

Dear investor, good afternoon. The recommendations are not a guarantee of anything at all. Moreover, when they all point in the same direction, the opposite usually happens (contrary opinion theory). Having said that, PharmaMar it has a support at the annual lows (72.50) and below and of greater relevance the December lows and origin of the last big movement, at 66.26 euros. We also have the bullish guideline, now at approx. 64 euros. In summary, in the range of 64-66 euros in round numbers important levels of support converge that would invite us, in theory, to open long in the value.

PharmaMar daily chart

As to Audax Renewables, the value continues to dizzy inside a side that is gradually narrowing. With a very clear support in the approx. 1.20 euros and resistance at 2.40 euros. However, the key is in the downward guideline that joins the successive decreasing highs since 2018 and that passes at this moment by 2.40 euros. Although the latest lowering high at 2.55 is another key resistance. Let's say that only above 2.55 euros in weekly candles we begin to look at this value with better eyes. Thank you very much gentleman, and equally.

Audax Renovables weekly chart

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