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DIA video analysis: clings to all-time lows like 'a burning nail'



The DIA supermarket chain continues to suffer on the stock market due to the uncertainty about its capital increase. The company has warned about implementation delays of your business plan if you cannot carry out this operation.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

In mid-late June we said about the titles of DAY that the only thing to hold on to in the title within the impeccable bottom or primary downtrend was the fact that the price structure respected the support it presented in the minimums of the 'hammer' of the session of May 3 at 0.069 euros. And that below this important support there was nothing until the historical lows, the origin of the movement, in the 0.054 euros. And there we have him right now, trying not to pierce the all-time lows. If it pierces them we would have another new and clear sign of weakness because from that moment it would be placed in absolute free fall.

At the moment the minimum in the session has been marked at 0.0544 euros. From which it follows that if there is a time to jump into the pool at this value, for 'trading', it is right now. At the gates of the support that by definition conferred the historical lows and as long as it does not close below in the next sessions.



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