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Navarra and Extremadura recover the curfew after the increase in cases



The two Autonomous Communities, They recover the curfew after the increase in the incidence in the cases of Covid-19. In the case of Navarra, it will apply from July 22 in 80% of the territory and in Extremadura mobility will be limited in those municipalities that exceed 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

As for Extremadura, restrictions to stop the fifth wave of covid will be applied together with new criteria to implement them as the population, the incidence and the healthcare pressure of the eight health areas.

The Governing Council of the Extremadura Board has met this Friday to see what measures to implement and lowered what criteria. For now community-wide measures have been discarded and it will continue to act only in those municipalities with a critical situation in terms of cases through perimeter closures and a curfew.

José María Vergeles, Minister of Health, has declared that in the towns with less than 1,500 inhabitants, it will be the health areas to which they belong that will take charge of the situationregardless of hospital occupancy and incidence.

The municipalities that have between 1,500 inhabitants and up to 15,000 with an incidence greater than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the Junta de Extremadura will propose the perimeter closurel. If, in addition to this, the occupation of hospital beds in the health area is greater than 2% on the floor or 10% in the ICU, a curfew will also be carried out from 1 to 6 in the morning, these measures will be reviewed every week although they will come into force every two.

Extremadura populations of 15,000 or more inhabitants, according to 'El Diario.es', the perimeter closure is ruled out because "there is no evidence" of its effectiveness, explained Vergeles. Therefore, if there are more than 500 incidents, "the principle of responsibility will be acted upon," that is, with greater police surveillance and reminding the population of compliance with sanitary measures.

The Board has requested authorization for the perimeter closure of Trujillo, Jaraíz de la Vera and Montehermoso. In the case of Jaraíz de la Vera and Montehermoso there will also be a curfew. In Plasencia, the measure that will be applied will be the limitation of night mobility.


Regarding the Autonomous Community of Navarra, it will recover the curfew from July 22, from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m., in municipalities at extreme risk (80%), including the capital Pamplona. "If you do a general curfew, it will be more difficult with the judges. You have to think fine," sources from the Government of Navarra have indicated.

The curfew will be carried out in the localities with an incidence of more than 250 cases in 14 days and more than 125 in 7 days, as explained by the Minister of Health, Santos Induráin. Next Tuesday I will know which municipalities it will apply to, but Huarte, Corella, Cintruénigo, Zizur or Pamplona could be found.

In the same way, the meetings will once again be limited to the whole of the provincial community. In addition, the celebration of street bullfighting events, popular meals and parades with brass bands or similar events will not be allowed.

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