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Technical analysis office: Sabadell, PharmaMar, Talgo, Enagás, Mapfre, Elecnor, gold …



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Enagás, semiconductor index (SOX), PharmaMar, Sabadell, Mapfre, Elecnor, Talgo and gold.

Technical analysis

Good morning and thank you for your attention. I haven't heard anything from Enagás in a long time, but it has a very good bullish guideline. How do you see it for the short and medium term? Thanks. JA.SS.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Enagas We recently analyzed it in this section and the truth is that everything remains the same, nothing has changed. The bullish guideline that you. comment of the last months does not tell me anything. For a server it is an important rebound within a very wide lateral movement that has lasted for 6-7 years. And, in addition, the price is quoted in the nobody's zone, halfway between the base (support) and the high part (resistance) of this great side. As the most important resistances at this time we have 19.26 euros, 20.45 and the all-time highs at 23.06 euros. It is not a value that I like or dislike, it just doesn't tell me anything. Thanks to you, greetings.

Enagás weekly chart

Good morning, José María. I would like you to comment on your perspectives on the semiconductor industry (Philadelphia Semiconductor Index (SOX)). Thank you very much for your comments, which I follow with great interest. Greetings. F.CN.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Well the graph says it all. The SOX index is the lung of the Nasdaq And if this rises it is because the sector of the manufacturers of chips / semiconductors also increases. This week the index hit another all-time high, the nth. And we have him in a bullish channel since the beginning of the year. As the first support zone we have the base of it (2,930), as well as the May lows at 2,840 points. In very long-term terms, we have the weekly MM200 as a major support area, which is around 1,800 points at this time. What this index has always shown us is that every time there are strong corrections, in the end they end up being great buying opportunities in medium and long-term terms. Many thanks to you, greetings.

Weekly chart of the Philadelphia index (SOX)

Hello, Mr. Rodríguez. I have PharmaMar shares bought at the beginning of June at 77.50 euros. I think it is a good price for the long term, but with this title you never know. What do the charts tell you? Thanks for this section that I never miss. Greetings and have a good summer. YOU.

Dear investor, good afternoon. PharmaMar It is a complicated value when it starts to fall and the only thing I can tell you is that it has an important support area in the range of 64-66 euros. The bullish guideline that joins the rising lows of 2018 and 2019, as well as the lows of December and the origin of the last upward momentum, converge here today. That is, at any point in the mentioned price range, an upward price reaction in the biotech company could be expected. Above, on the resistance side, we have 81.50 euros, 101.34 and 119 euros. Thank you, same to you. All the best.

PharmaMar daily chart

Good morning, José María. I have Sabadell shares bought at 0.47 euros, just when I read to you that it had overcome the resistance of 0.45 euros. Do you think that what was given in this title is over? What supports and resistance do I have to watch out for now? Greetings and a million thanks. JA.F.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Sabadell It is one of the values ​​that has rebounded the best in recent times from last year's lows. But that was slowed down and turned down violently from the control zone of 0.67 euros. Although it must be said that it managed to close the weekly bearish gap of mid-March 2020, which is not little. Another thing is that it also presents an important resistance in the area of ​​0.70 euros, which is where the downward guideline that joins the decreasing highs since 2018 passes at this moment. Let's see if the title is capable of testing the support it has in the area of ​​0.50 euros, before resistance. Below we have another support area in the range of 0.4250-0.45 euros.

Banco Sabadell weekly chart

In short, I expected something more from this title from the moment it closed the weekly bearish gap of 0.6664 euros. But it is clear that until the bearish guideline is beaten, we will not have a before and after in the value. Many thanks to you, greetings.

Good morning, gentleman. I have Mapfre shares that I bought in March when it broke the resistance of 1.65 euros. How do you keep seeing value? Do you still like it? I would need part of the investment by the end of the year and would appreciate if you could tell me where you think it can turn down or where to take profits. Very grateful, greetings.

Dear investor, good afternoon. In principle Mapfre you're not doing anything you haven't done before during the bounce. Go up, correct proportionally, and then build a new bullish leg again. So we have increasing lows and highs since October. As long as it remains that way there is nothing to worry about. This has an important support at the level of 1.64-1.65 eros, previously resistance. And above, on the resistance side, we have the annual highs (1.8950) and above the weekly downward gap of 2.08 euros. In short, today the rising minimums and maximums are there and thus it does not fall. Thanks to you, greetings.

Mapfre weekly chart

Hello good day. I would like you to analyze two securities that have long been part of the 'value' portfolios of many of the managers in our country: Talgo and Elecnor. Do you think it could be an interesting time to have them in your portfolio? Or are we late like you? do you say sometimes? Thank you and have a nice day. T.R.

Dear reader, good afternoon. If I'm honest about Talgo I expected much more the truth. Just at the end of May it seemed to give shape to an inverted ‘head and shoulders’ of a manual, of a book. But the important falls of the past week and this one have ruined the formation. This does not mean that it cannot go higher, but it does mean that the figure is canceled. As we like to remember whenever we have the opportunity, there is no infallible tool in the markets: neither the technical nor the fundamental. They are all tools to try to function in the best possible way in the markets, which never make it easy for us. Let's see if the horizontal support that has the value in the last rising low (4.05) manages to stop the falls. Above, on the side of resistance, the most immediate the most important is in the annual highs (5.13) and above the weekly downward gap at the end of February 2020 at 6.02 euros.

Talgo weekly chart

As to Elecnor, at least we can say that it is a bullish title. This moves quite heavily, it must be said, but at least the increasing minimums and maximums are there, which is no small thing. This has significant resistance at the highs of 2017 and 2018 at 12.40 euros. And above this there is nothing until the all-time highs of 2007 at 15.20 euros. Below, on the side of the supports, the most immediate is the area of ​​9.85-9.90 euros. Thanks to you and equally. All the best.

Elecnor weekly chart

Hi, can you think of a 'trading' window at this time to get leveraged into gold? Thanks and regards. J.B.

Dear investor, good afternoon. The gold it is still in the corrective phase from the all-time highs in August last year. But at least this one no longer draws us decreasing minimums, which is not little. In the short term we have support, before resistance, at $ 1,755. And below we have the annual lows at $ 1,676. As main resistances we have each and every one of the successive decreasing maximums that the price has been leaving us today since August 2020: the maximums of June (1,916), the maximums of January (1,960) and the historical maximums (2,075 ).

Gold Ounce Daily Chart

However, the really important thing in my opinion is in the fact of seeing if the "precious metal" will be able to surpass the highs of June. If it does, we can bet on a return to the all-time highs in the coming months. But for this we need to build a first great rising maximum, a lake that we do not yet have.

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