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Technical analysis office: Inditex, Enagás, Endesa, Talgo, Rovi, Facebook, Micron and NIO



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Inditex, NIO, Talgo, Facebook, Micron Technology, Rovi, Enagás and Endesa.

Technical analysis

Good afternoon, I have been following the bag very closely for a little over a year and I have to thank you for helping me learn and for your excellent advice. Today I wanted to ask you about Inditex and NIO. I am positioned in the first from 21 euros and although I win a lot from the important falls of last week I am a bit worried. I see much more potential for NIO and I don't know if it might be a good idea to sell them and buy the Chinese Tesla. Do you think it would be a good change? Thank you very much for your attention. M.M.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Inditex is suffering in recent weeks, in line with our selective. Everything seems to indicate that this has headed for the support it has in the area of ​​26.70-26.90 euros. And if it does not manage to stop the falls, we have the next great support in the area of ​​24 euros. The 24 euros seem a very important support level, which in turn coincides with the January lows.

Inditex daily chart

As to NIOIt is a security that has nothing to do with Inditex and that is much more volatile. This is in the support zone at the moment, the level of approx. $ 43 (April highs). Although the most important support in medium-term terms is at $ 30.70 (May lows). A priori, the value seems to be shaping a wide side (reaction phase) after a 2020 of very strong rises. Above, on the side of resistance, the most immediate is at $ 55 and above the historical highs at $ 66.99. I will not be the one to tell you whether to sell one security to buy another. That is up to you.

A server is limited to indicating the main control areas in the two values ​​knowing that the Chinese car manufacturer is bullish in terms of medium and long term and Inditex is lateral. A wide side that has lasted since 2014 and where we have recently attacked, without success, the upper part of it. Thanks to you, greetings.

NIO weekly chart

Good morning, José María. Regarding Talgo, as you say, is it time to jump into the pool now? What 'stop loss' should we put? Regarding Facebook and Micron Technology, what can you tell me about your graphics? All the best. GIVES.

Dear investor, good afternoon. If I'm honest, I expected a lot more from Talgo. In the end the potential 'head and shoulders reversed has failed and the price has fully filled, but has not closed, the weekly bearish gap of mid-March 2020 at 5 euros. The latest bounce has taken it above intraday, but not at weekly closing prices. In other words, the weekly bearish ‘gap’ has acted as an important resistance. It would be good if the support we have at the last rising low (4.05) held at all times if we do not want to have a new sign of weakness in the value. At this point, I would dare to say that I will no longer trust this value to the extent that it does not close the weekly downward gap of 5 euros mentioned above.

Talgo weekly chart

Micron Technology it is a very bullish value in terms of medium and long term, like the whole sector of chips / semiconductors. What does not take away so that right now we have him flirting dangerously with the supports. In fact, I do not rule out at all that this is heading to the previous all-time highs, now support, of approximately $ 65. At this level it would be buying again because we would be talking about a ‘throw back’ to the previous all-time highs. And despite this it would remain bullish in long-term terms.

Micron Technology weekly chart

As to Facebook, is a free rising value. It has recently set all-time highs, which is not an impediment for us to witness a proportional correction / adjustment of the previous rises in the short term. It would seem that this can look for the support zone that it has in the vicinity of approx. 320 dollars and below we do not even rule out the area of ​​approx. $ 305: the previous all-time highs from a year ago. Now support. In fact, experience has shown me that there are many values ​​that after beating all-time highs end up correcting towards them and from there restructure upwards again. All the best.

Weekly Facebook Chart

Good morning, José María, Thank you for your analysis which is very useful to get an idea of ​​the market situation. I would like you to comment on whether it is too late to join Rovi with a view to the medium-long term and the situation of Enagás, especially in the face of an inflation scenario like the one that seems to be possible. Thank you. LA.HR.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Rovi It is a clear keep at the present time. The chart speaks for itself, you just have to look at the bullish channel. The base of this, by definition support, currently passes through approx. 55 euros. While it is true that the most important support is at the last rising low (reaction low), at 52.90 euros. Or in other words, as long as the security does not pierce the June lows, we will not have the slightest sign of weakness within the current price structure.

Rovi daily chart

As to Enagas, is still a non-trend value. A value that has been moving laterally since mid-2014. Focusing on the very short term, the title has not been able to withstand the resistance of 19 euros and above it we have another one at 20.45 euros (highs of July 2020). Actually, we have the title in a nobody's zone, halfway between the important support of 15.50-15.60 euros and the high part at 22-23 euros. Thanks to you, greetings.

Enagás weekly chart

Good morning, Mr. Rodríguez. I have Endesa bought at 23.44 euros. What do you think of this company? Thanks and regards.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Endesa, like Iberdrola, it is a magnificent company. And this is independent of what the price does in the short term. In reality, and within an impeccable basic or primary uptrend, Endesa's shares have been moving horizontally since last summer. With an important support at 19 euros and resistance at 23 euros. Everything seems to indicate that it may attack the support it has in the 20 euro area and if it pierces it the next stop is at 19 euro. There is little else we can say at this time of the value except that, which is displaying a lateral movement within a clear uptrend in the background, or primary. Thanks to you, greetings.

Endesa daily chart

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