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Buying to rent, not to live: Spain does not conceive of saving without investing in housing



Saving without investing in real estate? Impossible. This is how the majority of Spaniards see it, who prefer to invest in housing rather than save their money in the bank or in funds. The 'built to rent' phenomenon reaches individuals with the idea of ​​buying as an investment to rent and not to live.

This is, at least, what is reflected in a recent survey carried out by the Alfio Bardolla Training Group team, which in recent months detects that six out of ten Spaniards consider the real estate investment the best way to save and invest for the future. However, only 17% are currently seen with possibilities.

The study points out that, with the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, today it is possible to find homes available from just over 100,000 euros, which is a real possibility of purchase if a proper search is carried out. Flats that have been left empty, inheritances, couples that separate and put their property up for sale or bank property sales are some of the most sought-after assets at this time by individuals who want to invest.

"It is a very frequent mistake to consider access to the purchase of a home impossible due to lack of savings. It is true that it is necessary to have an initial money to be able to contribute the 20% that most banks ask forHowever, accessing the purchase of an investment home is much easier than people think, "they say. They foresee a second half of 2021 in which the sale of real estate between individuals will increase by 20%.

Many assets have come onto the market in this long coronavirus crisis and for 67% of Spaniards the best way to save is by investing in a property, however most consider very difficult to access a mortgage, they explain. However, currently there are financial entities that allow access to a mortgage without the need to have that initial 20%. "And banks prefer to grant loans for a property than for the creation of business projects, since there will always be the physical asset that can be revalued", they assure.

The proposal defended by the expert goes through the real estate acquisition to invest and thus be able to generate new benefits in the form of rent or future sale. "In no case is there talk of acquiring a home to live in, since in this way there would be no way to return benefits." "Right now in the situation we find ourselves saving does not make sense in the long term or in the short term. What makes sense is to invest," he says.

He adds that "we have to remove the fear of investing, although a priori it may seem somewhat risky and we believe that we earn more by having our money piled up in a bank account. But the truth is that investing our money can give us a secure return. "According to his point of view," we are experiencing a rental boom and, therefore, it is a good opportunity to invest in the purchase of a home in order to make a profit. her".



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