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Technical analysis office: PharmaMar, Cellnex, Fluidra, Almirall, Talgo, Acciona Energía …



Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Acciona Energía, Cellnex, Fluidra, Talgo, PharmaMar, Nikkei 225, Almirall and Naturgy.

Technical analysis

Good Morning. I have shares of Acciona Energía, which I bought the day after it was launched on the stock market due to several recommendations that I read in favor of the company. I have them at 28.59 euros. How do you see the medium and long-term value? Greetings and thanks. N.A.

Dear investor, good afternoon. From the point of view of technical analysis there is very little to say about this value, Acciona Energy. It has been in the market for a very short time and we do not have enough history to be able to do a value analysis. Although it is true that just today we have him setting new all-time highs. That is to say, we have him in free rise, without resistance, and that is always a clear sign of strength by definition. And therefore we are facing a clear hold in the portfolio as it cannot be otherwise. And little else we can say for the moment. Thanks to you, greetings.

Acciona Renovables daily chart

Good morning, Mr. Rodríguez. I have Cellnex shares at 46.20 euros with interesting capital gains. I have read very favorable reports about the company and I would also like to know your opinion from the point of view of technical analysis. Thank you and happy summer. A.C.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Cellnex it is another clear to maintain because it is a free rising underlying. On Friday it marked all-time highs at 58 euros and although it is true that we can attend specific corrections, these do not mean anything. Simple reaction phases within a flawless uptrend in the background. Now, given that it has bought them at 46.20 euros, I think it would be good to place a ‘stop profit’, at least for part of the position, at the support of 52.90 euros (the July lows). Or what is the same as long as the price respects this support, I would not worry the least bit about the value and I would happily let the profits run. Thanks to you and equally gentleman.

Cellnex daily chart

Hello good day. I would like the analyst to give me his opinion on Talgo (I have them in price at the moment) and Fluidra, from which I earn 50%. Do you think it is time to sell any or do I keep them? Thanks and regards. I.RH.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Talgo we analyzed it last Friday (You can read it here). It is true that I expected much more of this value some time ago, but what the price structure is telling us is that it is not capable today of closing / canceling the weekly bearish gaps from the prepandemic levels at 6.40 euros. It has a strong resistance at 5 euros and at 6. Both are weekly bearish gaps that to cancel them the price has to be placed above the closing prices on a Friday. A priori, it seems that he wants to try again.

Talgo weekly chart

Fluidra I like it much more. But it is a clear hold in portfolio. It is not a buy now because we are arriving very very late to the market. And so it is not entered. We recently analyzed it, although we have been repeating the same 'speech' over and over again in value. The one that has an upward guideline from a book, a manual. And that as long as it does not close below we will not have the slightest sign of weakness in the current price structure. Let's say that as long as it respects the support of 32.55 euros (last rising low) there is nothing to worry about.

Fluidra daily chart

Good morning, José María. I follow your analysis a lot. I would like you to analyze PharmaMar and the Japanese index (Nikkei). Mainly to know what supports and resistances we must take into account. Thanks a lot. YOU.

Dear reader, good afternoon. PharmaMar it trades at the most interesting support levels. As we have recently commented in other analyzes, this presents an important support in the area of ​​approximately 66 euros, roughly coinciding with the bullish guideline, which has three support points, the lows of October 2018 and August and November 2019. Weekly oversold levels show extreme readings, which should greatly limit the risk of further significant crashes. In short, around the current levels, and if it is a little lower better than better, the money should come to the rescue of the title.

PharmaMar weekly chart

Regarding the Japanese index, the Nikkei 225, we have him immersed in a bearish channel at the beginning of the year. Consolidation movement that a priori comes to correct / drain the important rises of the line at the end of 2020. I doubt very much that this corrects towards the important support of 24,000 points, before strong resistance. But if it did, it would be a clear opportunity today to get back on the shopping train, without a doubt. Above the resistance of 29,500 points (the maximum of June) the index will confirm a figure of return to the upside with a target of the annual maximum (30,700) and above it it would resume the upward trend in the background of recent years. Thanks to you, greetings.

Nikkei 225 Weekly Chart

Very good days. I would like to know the expert's opinion about two securities that I have in my portfolio. Almirall bought at 12.80 euros and Naturgy at 20.70 euros. What do you advise me? Greetings from Miranda de Ebro. P.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Almirall I still like it despite the recent violent drops after the latest results. Why? Because a priori these fit perfectly within what it would be a 'throw back' to the double bottom that was confirmed on the rise last May. So now it is likely that from here, with its counter-trend corrections, it will try again to restructure upwards with a goal of the all-time highs: the 17.85 euros that it marked before the pandemic.

Almirall monthly chart

As to Naturgy, recently beat the resistance of 21.75 euros (adjusted the price series to the last dividend distributed), now support. But it is true that it has also been placed below, although in a lukewarm way. It is actually a bullish value in terms of the medium and long term, but it has been moving in recent times within a fairly narrow side. Let's say that we are facing a clear hold in the portfolio. I do not see much risk of falling and I do not rule out that, although very slowly, it tries to go to the area of ​​all-time highs (23.40). All the best.

Naturgy weekly chart

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