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How to build an Axie Infinity team with little investment



If you've heard of Axie Infinity, you know you need a team of 3 axies to start playing. In this article, I will show you how to build your team in the most efficient way possible.

Since the beginning of Axie Infinity season 18, team building has gained absurd relevance. This was because the game update placed much more importance on the Arena, where players fight online.

Meanwhile, the daily quest reward and the win cap outside of Player vs. Player (PvP) battles have been cut in half.

That is why building a good team is now more important than ever. If you plan to buy axies, this article is important.

Do I need to invest a lot to start playing Axie Infinity?

The very appearance of academies such as "Venezuela to the moon”And the high demand from players exposes the difficulty of the initial investment in the blockchain game. The truth is, building an Axie Infinity rig with 3 of the cheapest axies on the market would be a disaster.

You should have a minimal understanding of the role of each of your team's axies and the battle strategy to possibly make a good investment. Therefore, ax eggs may not be interesting if you are looking to make sure you make a good team.

After mating, the axes generate an egg that will inherit characteristics from the parents. You can predict your qualities by looking at your relatives, it might be a good idea if you intend to spend as little as possible.

But the best opportunities will likely be found by using the market filters and choosing carefully.

If you've heard of Axie Infinity, you know you need a team of 3 axies to start playing. In this article, I will show you how to build your team in the most efficient way possible.

Knowing better the characteristics of axies

As you may know, each character in the game is a non-fungible token (NFT). But what really makes it unique are its characteristics, each one has its own amount of life, ability, morale and speed depending on its DNA.

axie infinity character illustration

Life determines how much your ax can take hits, skill increases cards damage when played together, morale increases critical chance, and speed determines which axes attack first.

These attributes are defined by the genetic characteristics of the axie, but the most important phenotypes are the mouth, horns, back, and tail. These determine which cards the NFT can play in a game.

Breeds: hybrid or pure?

Axies are divided into 9 different classes: fish, beasts, plants, birds, insects, reptiles, dawn, mech, and dusk. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, similar to the Pokémon game or even the simple “rock, paper and scissors”.

axie rock paper and scissors

Your little monsters can be from one class and have cards from another. This is the case with my beast, which has more fish and bird cards than beast cards. They are easily recognizable by color, as seen in the illustration above.

This mixture occurs due to the creation of new axies, many times the owners can mix different breeds at the time of breeding and this generates an impure or mixture.

breeding axies

While the "unclean" have greater diversity, the purebred have significant advantages. When a bird attacks with a pink card, it deals more damage. This is the class bonus and should be taken into account when building your team.


Now that you know what each characteristic of axie means, you can start thinking about combinations. The most used and that work in the sand are:

  • Fish + Beast + Plant
  • Bird + Beast + Plant
  • Fish + Fish + Plant
  • Reptile + Beast + Plant
  • Reptile + Fish + Plant

Realize the importance of a good plant axie, present in most of the good equipment that you will find in the sand. This is due to the "tank" characteristics they have, good life and cards with a lot of shield.

Second, it can be a good beast, interestingly it has reasonable speed and cards that draw energy and deal damage. Remember that the beast hits the plant with force, present in most of the other teams you will fight with.

Lastly, protected by its tank and beast, it can be a bird or a fish. Fast, it hits hard and preferably has a "back door" card, that is, it jumps the target of the enemy tank.

But you don't need to buy the most expensive NFTs on the market to get a full-featured device. Explore filters to reduce axie purity to find cheaper ones, for example.

Another point to keep in mind is that the price drops as they go longer without being sold in the market, so the rush can cost more. But the most important thing is to keep in mind that there is no guarantee of return on your initial investment, so keep in mind that there is the possibility of playing without investing.

Although the developers do not launch the free version, it is possible to get a scholarship in the different existing academies such as the one mentioned above "Venezuela to the moon".


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