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Bitcoin is the future – Interview with the founder of Flirt Invest



Continuing the quick interview section, today we interviewed Brandon West, a crypto enthusiast, philanthropist, co-owner of Flirt Studio, Europe's largest webcam studio network, and founder of the Flirt Invest platform.

Reporter: “Good afternoon, Brandon, nice to meet you. If I may ask you a question immediately, I certainly prepared for the interview and collected information about you, please tell me why there is so little information about you on the Internet. "

Brandon: “Hi, Katie, I see that you do not put yourself in ceremony in your work, I am the same. Well, the fact is that I worked in the police, that is, I was the head of the department for fighting cybercrime, then they were isolated cases, the Internet was not a mass phenomenon, and we tried to find everyone, and I know it. perfectly well that now to find out everything about a person, all you have to do is open a profile on their social networks, and you know: what they like, where they live, who they communicate with, etc. and lots. people do not understand that they are telling everything about themselves. In my personal life, I am not a very public person and I do not handle Instagram and whatever there is, in addition to the scope of our business, of course, it also influences ".

Journalist: "Brandon caught you, how did you get into this space?"

Brandon: “It just happened by accident. The fact is that after the police, I also worked in a private company, in fact, I did the same, and I earned a lot. salary, it was in the late 90's, IT boom and all that, I saved most of it, then I also sold the house of a deceased relative and started thinking about where to invest my capital. One of my acquaintances whom I had not seen since my student days accidentally caught my attention, we struck up a conversation, he knew what he was doing and decided to clarify how safe it was from a technical point of view, and he told me about this industry , then everything was in its infancy. He said he knew how to do everything, he needed an investor, I didn't think about it for a long time, the whole Internet developed before my eyes and I understood how much all this could grow ”.

Journalist: “This is not the first time that I have heard from many businessmen the phrase it happened by chance, Is it really luck? Or are there other success factors? "

Brandon: “The universe gives everyone opportunities every day, even those who read this interview at the time of reading will have some opportunity to apply this information, the fact is that many people do not take advantage of the opportunities that life offers them, they may lack understanding".

Journalist: “I absolutely agree with you. It always amazed me, but who are these people sending money to these models on the sites? After all, they will never see them, why do they donate and send large sums of money to models that they only see on screen? With girls, everything is clear, it is easy money for them, but what motivates men to send them money?

Brandon: “It is not even some kind of eroticism, as many people think, but psychological contact, communication, many people see nothing but the office and the 4 walls of their apartment. Many are exhausted, many are tired of their wife, but they do not want to cheat – webcam sites solve all these problems, it is like another reality where men get out of trouble. Just as many people spend a lot of money on computer games and buy virtual things in them, they simply walk away from this reality.

Journalist: “I understood you, in fact, as I understand it, you are also a fan of cryptocurrencies, tell me what prospects do you see? Maybe you can share what coins you bought or projects that you personally believe in? "

Brandon: “Yes, it's true. I believe that bitcoin is the future. Cryptocurrencies are the fastest growing technology invented by mankind in all of history. The number of Bitcoin users is growing faster than the number of Internet users. I also think that some of the projects behind the technology will remain as well, such as Ethereum, Cardano, and possibly various other projects. This is similar to the internet business boom that I saw in the 1990s. I am very inspired by Michael Saylor and what he does at MicroStrategy. I personally invest in 15 projects, all of which are in the top 100 CoinMarketCap. But this is not for everyone, there are long-term risks, if you have not yet invested in cryptocurrencies, I advise you to buy BTC and ETH, so you will definitely not exhaust yourself and you will be in the game, I am addressing the readers ”.

Journalist: "From what I understand, your company is now giving investors the opportunity to invest in Flirt using cryptocurrencies, right?"

Brandon: “Well, you see, we are already taking advantage of this opportunity. Due to the scope of our company, we cannot sell stocks, and thanks to cryptocurrencies, we attract investment and grow very quickly, and our investors make good profits. This is the WIN – WIN concept. Flirt Invest now accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Coin and we have recently started accepting the USDT stablecoin. We will add a few more in the near future. "

Journalist: “What about investor safety? Are there any risks anyway?

Brandon: “We have an officially registered company with a registered capital of 1 million pounds, the site is registered to this company, all payments go through a payment merchant also officially, where it is more secure. If you mean the sphere, then there is multiple growth every year, and because of Covid19, the industry started to grow only stronger. All these men were at home and they needed entertainment. "

Journalist: “What plans does your company have next? And maybe, since you are investing in bitcoin, tell me, what is your personal forecast for the price by the end of 2021? "

Brandon: “We have plans to continue growing, we are constantly opening studios, there is a lot of work and now, thanks to the investments attracted, we will begin to grow even faster. As for the price of bitcoin, of course I am completely bullish. I think this is at least $ 100,000 by the end of the year, maybe by the beginning of next. "

Journalist: “Thank you! Thanks for your time".

Brandon: "Please, thank you."


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