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What is it and how it works?


Plant vs Undead (PVU) is a multiplayer tower defense game, where your plants are also your true asset. The goal is to combine the phenomenal Plants vs Zombies with the new blockchain technology: NFTs. (Non-Fungible Tokens). The game is constantly changing and I am updating this post with the highlights and adding all the new mechanics that they are releasing. Check the entry from time to time to be aware of all the news.


Read what they announced on September 1, 2021. The changes that are coming no longer allow you to take out small amounts of money per day. Now you will have to play and accumulate in order to progress and get money. All the details here.

How does Plant vs Undead (PVU) work?

Plant vs Undead (PVU) It will offer different modes of entry to the game, depending on the budget of each one. They also promise a free-to-play version for survival mode, but no details have been given if we can get money with that mode or not.

Regarding the interesting part, we will have the Farmers (Those who make the greatest investment) and Gardeners, the modality thought for people with less capital. We will also have 1vs1 PVP later, as well as tournaments, more varieties of plants and improvements in the quality of life of the game that we will see in the roadmap at the end of the entrance.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRFNZHkoMBA (/ embed)


Farmers will have to invest in seeds to get plants. Everyone has 6 free farm slots (5 for plants and 1 for a mother tree). If we want to increase capacity, we will have to buy land. Mention that each seed costs 100 PVU, that as of today September 6, 2021 is at the price of $ 13.19 each crypto, which means that a single plant will cost us around $ 1,319.

On the farm there will be 4 seasons and more than 20 meteorological events. Each event affects the productivity of the plants / trees. and Gardeners will be key to watering and protecting plants from insects and other hazards.

Seed collection mechanics

  • Added a 4 PvU fee per seed when players claim their seeds
  • There is now a "claim seeds" button in (My Account)> (Inventory) to claim all the seeds in a farm.

1st wave of Seeds: There is a limit of 22,000 seeds in the first round, Once purchased, we will have to activate them and it will take 24 hours until we know which plant has touched us. Another detail to highlight is that mother trees will function as a plant in farm mode and every 24 hours since the plant was activated, each plant will have a 2% drop of a seed. This probability can be increased by 4% with light synergy (plant of light + land of light) and another 2% more using a large pot.

Lands and Plants

The lands will come out randomly (60% common, 29% uncommon, 10% rare and 1% mythical) per purchase or they can also be bought from other players in the market, knowing what we buy, at a higher price. The rarity of the land depends on the number of elements it has:

  • Earth 1 element (common): 20 plants + 3 mother trees
  • Earth 2 elements (rare): 25 plants + 4 mother trees
  • Earth 3 elements (rare): 30 plants + 5 mother trees
  • Earth 4 elements (mythic): 40 plants + 7 mother trees

On Plant vs Undead (PVU) there are 9 different types of plants, each with 4 rarities just like the lands. The types of plants are as follows;

  • fire
  • ice
  • Water
  • electro
  • wind
  • parasite
  • light
  • Dark
  • metal

Each plant will give us an amount of LE every X hours and we must add that we can change 100 LE for 1 PVU (This ratio is today), so passive income can be achieved with each plant we have. Example;

The plant that we have below produces 1101 LE every 120 hours, this translates into producing 9.1750 LE per hour and 6606 LE per month. With only this plant we would be generating 66.06 PVU per month which at the current price (September 6, 2021) would be about $ 870, a fucking madness.

If you already invest more strongly, with several plants and lands, you can go to more than 4000 EUR per month passively without counting on the synergies or the bonuses of the gardeners that we will see below.

NEW TOOLS August 9, 2021

Sunflower sapling and Sunflower mama, Blessing of the sun (a way to use LE to buy seeds / land)

  • Sunflower sapling Cost: 100 LE – Duration: 3 days – Use: 1 Effect: Temporary plant that gives 250 LE / 72h. 0% chance to drop seeds even when used with large pots.
  • Sunflower mama Cost: 200 LE – Duration: 6 days – Use: 1 Effect: A temporary mother tree that gives 850 LE / 144h. 0% chance to drop seeds even when used with large pots.
Plants vs Undead (PVU) captures plants "class =" wp-image-59544 lazyload

To all this we must add if we have land and if the plants are of the same type and are subsidized with more Le per hour (10% per plant) and the percentages that we take for the actions of the Gardeners in our plants will give us 10% of each share.

We also have the synergy of the elements of the plants;

  • Fire (5 required): This land is immune to: snow, rain, cold snap, winter storm.
  • Ice (5 required): This land is immune to: Heatwave, Volcano.
  • Water (8 required): All plants on this land (except water) do not need watering.
  • Electro (8 Required): This land is immune to crows.
  • Wind (10 required): Reduce harvest time by 10% hours for all plants / trees on this land.
  • Parasite (10 required): Productivity of all plants / trees (except parasites) increases by 20%.
  • Light (15 needed): Double chance of seed drop.
  • Dark (5/10/15/20 /…): every 5 dark, increases productivity by 10% for all other elements (stackable).
  • Metal (10 Required) – This land is immune to weather. Productivity of all metal plants / trees increases by 20%.

Important: There can be multiple synergies activated at the same time on 1 land

Weather cycle rule:

  • If a weather event occurs, it will not occur again for the next 2 days. Example: if "moonlight" occurs on Monday, it will not repeat until at least Thursday.
  • Weather events increase / decrease the productivity of a plant only within the 24 hours it is in effect. For example, if a plant produces 1000LE / 100 hours (an average of 100LE / h) and an event increases its productivity by 30%, the productivity of the plant would be 130LE / h only during the 24 hours of that day. After 24 h, your productivity returns to 100LE / h.


Gardeners is a mechanic that aims to allow owners to save costs while earning some passive income if they allow other players to earn income from their farms. This income does not affect the productivity of the owners' farms in any way and is additional income for the owners.

At first this mechanic was thought to be Free-to-Play, but now it will be necessary to buy 5 PVU to start as a gardener.

Gardeners will have 2 missions– Watering and chasing crows on owner farms, owners get 10% and gardener players who do the work get 90% of the total LE.

The water limit of 9 times a day has been removed for each plant, and now you can water a plant as many times as possible, with a few caveats. Also, a new captcha system has been put in place when watering / chasing crows to prevent bots.

  • Irrigation: 15 times / day
  • Scare crows: 5 times / day

Rewards for Watering and Crows

Table PVU Riegos y Crows "class =" wp-image-59749 lazyload

The probability of crows appearing is 20% every 4 hours per plant.

Profitability calculator

How to buy PVU?

PVUs, for now, can only be purchased on Pancakeswap, the contract is here. But the first thing is to have the MetaMask Wallet installed and have an account in Binance to buy the BNB token.

MetaMask can be downloaded in Chrome and Firefox, or in iOS and Android if you are a mobile user, but honestly the mobile version does not work well with PVU. The best way I have found to be able to access from the mobile is to use the Kiwi browser. With this browser we can install the same MetaMask that we installed on the PC (Chrome extension) and you can follow the same steps in this guide to play from your mobile once you download Kiwi.

  1. Download MetaMask and follow the installation instructions (save the seed phrases very well).
  1. Create an account at Binance to be able to buy the BNB token.
  2. Add the Smart Chain network to MetaMask
    • We must click on Add Network (add network) in the upper right corner, in order to add the following data:
  3. In Binance you can buy BNB directly with Euros or Dollars with different payment methods. Once purchased you will have to withdraw them to your MetaMask wallet with the Smart Chain Network activated.
  4. Now we will have to add PVU to Pancakeswap, the contract is here.
  5. Swap BNB for PVU.
  6. Add PVU to MetaMask, the contract is here, to be able to see the currency in your wallet.
  7. Connect your MetaMask to Plan Vs Undead (PVU) here.

Plant vs Undead Roadmap (PVU)

3rd Quarter 2021

IDO, farm mode released

  • White list ends June 30 => GONE July 3.
  • July 10, initial seed / land offering
  • July 14, the Market opens (purchase / sale of assets is available)
  • August 5, Launch of Farm mode.
    Features: Crop seeds, plant information, land for Farm mode.
    Trial version in September.

4th Quarter 2021

Official launch

  • Market: add plant loan
  • Main game: Survival mode, Arena mode (1v1) with game rewards to earn PVU tokens
  • Second seed offer (with new mother plants / trees and land)

1st Quarter 2022

Polish the main product

  • Market: Improve UI / UX based on community feedback
  • First PvP Tournament – 1 Million PVU Guaranteed

2nd Quarter 2022

Expansion (to be determined)

  • New game modes suggested by the community.

If you have not been clear how to start in Plant vs Undead (PVU), we leave you a video of KManuS88.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qJPMzTa_Ow (/ embed)

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