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the domains that are changing the culture of Ethereum


If you use Twitter, you may have already come across users using the “.eth” extension for their nickname. In addition to artists like Anthony Hopkins and famous brands like Puma, the domains of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) have also risen to popularity.

Created in 2017, it took five years for the project to reach the mark of 1 million domains created. However, this number has doubled in the last three and a half months, showing strong growth in adoption.

Although there are other extensions, such as .btc or .doge, these are not as popular on ENS. So we may be witnessing a huge culture shift for Ethereum, fulfilling Vitalik Buterin’s wish to create a strong community similar to Bitcoin.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS), possibly the best NFTs

While some collections of NFTs have caught the attention of celebrities and tycoons, they have also become jokes. After all, these arts can be saved and replicated forever even if they have a series of Copyright.

In the case of ENS domains, which also are NFTs, this problem does not exist. Also, while it is possible to create infinite addresses, there are some that are rarer than others. As an example, Budweiser spent a small fortune on beer.eth, and others have already been bought for small fortunes by investors.

Speculation aside, what is really striking is the growing popularity of these domains that carry the Ethereum symbol in their name in recent months.

“It took 5 years to get to 1,000,000 ENS names and then just 3.5 months to get to 2,000,000!”

The .eth extension invades Twitter

Still speaking of numbers, .eth domains have also taken over Twitter. In addition to ordinary people, several brands and artists have already adopted the extension, using their domains as usernames, such as the German Puma and the actor Anthony Hopkins.

Twitter accounts using the .eth extension with the most followers. Source: ethleaderboard.xyz.

As such, the already large Ethereum community is creating an identity for itself, forming a visible group, and creating a major revolution in its culture. While it is hard to tell if they are all “Ethereum maximalists”, their support for ETH is undeniable.

Meanwhile, .btc domains they are not so attractive. The reason could be the need to use Ethereum to register them, which the most fanatical consider heresy. Therefore, they settle for using «laser eyes» to show their support for Bitcoin.

Finally, many of these ENS domains lead nowhere other than their registration page. So these still have to mature if they don’t want to be just another fad.

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