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CoinEx as a sponsor of the first face-to-face edition of Descentralizar 2022!


2022 has been a very busy year for the entire blockchain ecosystem in general. From big falls, unexpected rises and changes in consensus, everywhere this year will be remembered in the history of cryptocurrencies. With the return of its third edition, it is here Decentralize 2022a completely free and face-to-face event organized by NGO Bitcoin Argentina on cryptocurrencies and economy that will be held in Pinamar, Bahía Blanca and Corrientes in the month of September.

This event will be full of introductory DeFi conferences, talks and workshops. This will have the participation of universities, companies and organizations from the blockchain sector, all in favor of education. With large sponsors from the entire cryptocurrency industry, this event will be supported by the largest players in the market, among which will be CoinEx.

CoinEx bets on Latin America and its development

Latin America is one of the regions with the highest adoption of cryptocurrencies, being one of its countries the first to implement Bitcoin as legal tender. Also being a region with emerging economies and political problems, its inhabitants often take refuge in cryptocurrencies in order to safeguard the integrity of their savings. That is why CoinEx is committed to its growth and development in the region.

With the realization and presence of several events throughout 2022, CoinEx wants to demonstrate that it is an open and free option for the entire region. In this last quarter of the year, CoinEx is expected to participate in 3 of the largest crypto events in the world. With this, the exchange seeks to position itself and make all its easy-to-use tools and services known to all Latin Americans.

Reaching all corners of the world and making its way into the blockchain industry, CoinEx seeks to be the gateway to the blockchain world. Forming the best strategies and alliances, the exchange seeks to strengthen its relationships throughout the continent with these holdings.

Alliances for blockchain education: CoinEx and NGO Bitcoin Argentina come together to promote education in the country

The Civil Association for the Development of Decentralized Ecosystems -DECODES- (NGO Bitcoin Argentina), has been operating since 2013 and is responsible for promoting and disseminating the opportunities offered by decentralized, transparent, traceable, secure and consensual technologies. As an organization, it follows the firm vision of educating and bringing safe, decentralized and reliable technologies closer to people, entities and institutions that wish to do so. That is why they are always looking for institutions and companies that follow their mission and add value to their cause.

CoinEx as a global cryptocurrency company is always constantly optimizing its products and services. Creating easy-to-use tools for all blockchain users and with a record of zero security breaches since its foundation, it is committed to initiatives such as those of the ONG Bitcoin Argentina. That is why they have come together to strengthen their missions and visions with an alliance that will strengthen the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Argentina.

CoinEx in Pinamar this September 17

On September 17, CoinEx will be present at the panel “Bitcoin and crypto in everyday use” with his representative in Latin America, Kevin Salazar. So if you want to know more about CoinEx, don’t hesitate to attend Decentralize 2022. An event completely open to all those who want to enter the world of cryptocurrencies and everything that their technologies have to offer. Stay tuned to all CoinEx networks so that you can participate in all the activities that it has prepared for this new edition of Decentralize.

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