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Technical analysis office: Telefónica, Bankinter, Ibex, Dow Jones, Solaria, Acciona, Apple…


Next, we give answers to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. Cesar Walnut, a technical analyst at Bolsamanía, puts Apple, Viscofan, Telefónica, Bankinter, Ibex 35, Dow Jones, Acciona and Solaria under scrutiny.

Technical analysis

Rubén G. Good morning, Mr. Nut. I have been following the actions of Telefónica for some time and they do not stop falling. When do you think would be a good time to position yourself on value? Could you give me your opinion for taking a position at Bankinter? Thank you very much.

Good morning Ruben. The behavior of Telephone it has been catastrophic since the beginning of July. The value has lost both the support of 4.40 euros and the average of 200 sessions, average that was more or less in the 4.20 euros. The telemarketer has not found any point of support and has rushed to the level of the 3.60 euros, minimum at the beginning of the year. For these prices we could see return from shopping, and after the collapse of recent months it would not be a bad idea to position yourself for these prices. The first resistance level is at 4 euros. If it manages to break these prices, we could start to see an improvement in its technical outlook in the medium and long term.


Bankinter has stopped the last climbs right in the vicinity of the historic highs drawn this year at 6,187 euros. The bank has stopped its escalation because of these prices and refuses to correct for the time being. I would not take a position at current prices, since we do not rule out that a healthy take of benefits can be taken. However, it is a very interesting value and I would not lose sight of it to take positions as soon as I took a breather or got exceed the historical maximums that it presents in the 6,187 euros.


Pedro P. Good morning Don César. I would be very grateful if you could give me your opinion on the Ibex and an American index, the one that annoys you the most. Greetings.

The ibex has reopened to the downside, which has allowed it to pierce the support of the 7,764 points. The Spanish selective is trying to hold on to these prices, although the falling highs in August and this month make us fear the worst. The The first resistance level is at 8,064 pointsalthough the key level whose resistance should be overcome to see a consistent improvement is at 8,235 points, the highest in August. Be very careful with a close below 7,764 points, since we could end up seeing an extension of the falls to the annual lows at 7,287 points.


The dow jones continues with his collapse since he drew the highs for the month of August at 34,281 points. Just a few sessions ago it left the support of 31,000 points, which makes us think of a extension of the falls to the annual lows located at 29,653 points. Be very careful about abandoning this price level, as we could end up seeing a continuation of declines to the 28,000 level. We will not appreciate even the slightest sign of strength as long as it remains trading below 32,504 points.


Rachel S. Good morning. I have Solaria shares bought at 16 euros and it’s scaring me in recent sessions. Would you sell them? What value of the Ibex do you like to take positions right now?

Good morning Rachel. This Thursday we are seeing strong falls close to 7% in Solaria. Be very careful when abandoning these closing prices, since we could be confirming a change in trend in the medium and long term. If I were you, I would sell them, since it has benefits and that today is a treasure that I would try to keep. I would not be interested in the company again as long as it remains listed for below 22.15 euros.


drive It is one of the Ibex securities that I like the most, along with the banks. The company remains trading in the vicinity of 190 euros, prices where it is shaping a throw back. This figure is a continuation of the trend and everything seems to indicate that we could end up seeing a rise extension. A close above 211 euros It would be the signal that would leave the company in a free rise and that would make us think of an extension of the rises to the level of 230 euros.


Zoilo F. Good morning. My question is about Viscofan and Apple. At what prices would you enter both securities?

Good morning, Zoilo. Since two months Viscofan it has been moving in a narrow range sideband. This figure has all the appearance of being a uptrend continuation figure, so we will be very aware of the appearance of a sign of strength that makes us think of taking positions. A close above 58 euros It would be the signal that I would enter. As soon as it exceeds this price level, the most normal thing is that we can see an extension of the increases to the historical maximums that it presents at 60.45 euros. Your behavior at this price level is vital. If it manages to overcome it, it is very likely that we can see an extension of the rises to the level of the 70 euros.


Manzana Has got hold on in the vicinity of the 150 dollars and struggles to climb above the 200-session average. Its technical aspect in the medium and long term is not bad, although to consider taking positions we should wait for a close above $164.26. A close above these prices would be the signal that could make us think of an attack on the historical highs drawn at the beginning of the year at $182.88. Needless to say, exceeding these prices would make us think of a extension of the rallies to the $200 level.


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