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TruBit Launch Announced; new crypto ecosystem for Latin America


  • The value of cryptocurrency transactions in Latam amounts to 352.8 billion dollars, driven mainly by Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil
  • Mexico and Argentina in the top 5 countries with the highest volume of cryptocurrency transactions
  • TruBit promises to be the most complete platform developed specifically for Latin American users

Mexico City, October 3, 2022. The company Galactic Holdings, through its Co-founder and CEO Maggie Wuannounced the merger of its Mexo Exchange and TruBit Wallet brands, resulting in TruBit Proa more robust crypto platform focused on the Latin American market.

It should be noted that Latin America represents one of the regions with the greatest potential for the cryptocurrency industry, not only due to the number of inhabitants, Internet access or the economic situation that presents high inflation rates, but also because this geographical area is very attractive for crypto mining, due to lower energy costs. These are some of the conclusions of the Norwegian research firm ArcaneResearch.

For its part, Galactic Holdings has set its sights on the Latin market, since the launch of its Mexo exchange, more than 2 years ago and now under the name TruBit, they promise to create a new ecosystem: “Our goal is to better serve all our users as we continue to build a comprehensive crypto ecosystem for LATAM enthusiasts,” said Maggie.

This ecosystem includes a walleta platform of exchangeand even a stablecoin linked to the Mexican peso aimed at generating financial inclusion.

Greco López, Marketing Director of TruBit Mexico ensures that the platform represents the gateway to the crypto world with the largest portfolio available for the Latin American market. Of the 2 versions available, TruBit is a wallet that allows you to buy, pay, transfer, accept payments, among other functions, with a 24/7 service, without borders, without branches and with strict security protocols.

Y TruBit Pro is the evolution of Mexo, the exchange platform that also offers tools for professional asset management, more than 50 trading pairs, savings, investment, among others.

Additionally, TruBit It will also have a section academya series of courses and publications aimed at disseminating knowledge about the world of cryptocurrencies and reduce the uncertainty and doubts that have been expressed by a large number of people.

About the merger mexo with TruBit Pro and the launch of TruBit Walletbacked by Galactic Holdings, Maggie concluded: «For us, more than the change of name and logo is the way to promote true financial inclusion with a unique, safe and friendly value proposition.»

Regarding the name TruBit, he explained that it arises from the conjunction between TRUE (truth) or TRUST (trust) and Bitcoin = TruBit.

«TruBit is a sign of trust, a way to enhance the true value of people.»

TruBit and TruBit Pro are available for free in the Android and IOS app stores.

For more information visit www.trubit.com.

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