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Savings flee the pension plan, but the bank recovers the campaign and bonuses 6%


The pension plans they are in the doldrums. The consecutive reductions in the deductible contribution limit have caused savings to move towards other products. However, with the end of the year approaching, the banks do not give up their traditional campaign, which this time comes with bonuses up to 6% for contributions and transfers.

The reduction in the limit of contributions in pension plans has led, according to the Inverco Observatory, to the 18% of the participants channel part of their savings in these products to funds, compared to a 12% that has redirected it towards other assets and a eleven% which claims to have reduced its contributions to pension plans without directing them to any other financial instrument.

It must be remembered that if in 2020 the maximum contribution of individual pension plans with right to deduction in personal income tax was 8,000 euros, in 2021 that figure was reduced to 2,000 euros. In this 2022 it was lowered again, in this case up to 1,500 euros per year.

But the end of the year is approaching and the entities comply with the script. There are already several that have launched their pension plan campaign. What does each offer?

So far, the highest bonus is in the showcase of Ibercajawhich offers up to 6% of what was contributed or transferred from other entities to one of its individual pension plans, with no maximum amount limit. Customers who want to benefit from this promotion must have made the contributions during 2022 and in the case of transfers from other entities, they must make them before January 20, 2023.

For contributions and transfers greater than €60,000, the participant can obtain an account payment of 6% of the amount if he complies with a commitment to stay for nine years. For amounts greater than €30,000, customers will be able to benefit from a 5% subscription with the commitment of seven years of permanence. For amounts greater than 5,000 eurosthe bonus is 3% in the case of completing five years of permanence or 1.5% if it is three years.

Unicaja Bank bonus with up to 4% transfers of pension plans from other entities that are requested until December 30 and with a two% new periodic contributions made by customers. Specifically, the cash bonuses contemplated by the entity range between 2% on the incorporated balance (minimum amount transferred of 5,000 euros) and 3% and 4% (with a minimum contribution of 15,000 euros). Depending on one type or another, the permanence commitment will vary from six to eight years.

In the case of periodic contributions, a bonus of 2% of the balance deposited for one year (with an annual minimum of 1,440 euros) is contemplated, provided that they are carried out before December 30. The commitment to stay is three years.

open bank offers a bonus of 3% for all transfers made to any of the plans marketed by the entity. In the case of contributions and new contracts made, the incentive will be one 1%. To receive the bonus, it is necessary to make a transfer or a change of marketer from another entity or contract or make additional contributions to any of its plans before January 31, 2023 and maintain said position for five years.

This promotion will be valid until January 9, 2023 and will be applicable for any amount, with no minimum required. Of course, the maximum amount of the bonus is €3,000.

Mapfre also joins this campaign by subsidizing with up to 6,000 euros customers who transfer their pension plans from other entities. It will be effective until December 31, 2022. The insurer requires a five-year permanence commitment.


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